Producer/Director Greg MacGillivray's film career spans more than 30 years. As a cinematographer, he has shot more 70mm film than anyone in cinema history -- more than two million feet. His Laguna Beach company has been dedicated to the large screen motion picture format since the production of the IMAX® film, To Fly!, which he co-produced and directed with partner, the late Jim Freeman in 1976. MacGillivray also worked in Hollywood, directing and photographing for Stanley Kubrick on The Shining, and filming for the Academy Award® nominees Jonathan Livingston Seagull and The Towering Inferno. For the past eight years, MacGillivray has worked on developing the concept of a large-format film about Everest, believing that the grandeur of the subject matches artistically the overwhelming impact of the screen.

Everest is MacGillivray Freeman's 19th IMAX® film. MacGillivray is well-known in the industry for artistic and technical innovation in the giant format. He has initiated the development of three cameras for the IMAX® format -- the high-speed (slow-motion) camera, the industry's first lightweight camera, and the "all-weather" camera used during filming on Mount Everest.

Recent tributes to MacGillivray and company have included an Academy Award® nomination in 1996. The Living Sea was nominated for Best Documentary/Short Subject. Also in 1996, the IMAX® classic, To Fly! was selected by the Library of Congress for inclusion in America's film archives. The first IMAX® format film to receive this honor, To Fly! joins such cinema greats as Gone With the Wind, Star Wars and Citizen Kane.


Co-Director/Co-Writer/Editor/Producer Stephen Judson is vice-president overseeing film production and post production at MacGillivray Freeman Films. He worked closely with David Breashears in Kathmandu and at Everest Base Camp during the May, 1996 expedition.

For fourteen years, Judson has played a key role in the development and production of every MacGillivray Freeman production. He is by far the most experienced editor in the IMAX® field. Since 1983, he has edited all of the company's 18 IMAX® films, including: Speed, To The Limit, Race The Wind, The Discoverers, The Living Sea, Stormchasers and The Magic of Flight. Judson has also shared directing duties on several MacGillivray Freeman motion pictures, in addition to Everest.

Prior to his work with MacGillivray Freeman Films, Judson received numerous awards for work as writer, director and editor for various film and television productions, including U.S. Art, which was voted one of the Ten Most Outstanding Films of the Decade (1970-1980) by the Information Film Producers of America. A graduate of Yale University, he holds a masters degree from the University of Southern California School of Cinema.

Producer Alec Lorimore is vice-president overseeing film production and development at MacGillivray Freeman Films. He supervised the Everest production from MacGillivray Freeman's offices in Laguna Beach, including sequences filmed in the United States.

In addition to an extensive screen writing career with the major studios, Lorimore has over 15 years experience in the IMAX® large-format arena in association with MacGillivray Freeman Films. During that time he's been variously involved as writer, producer, director and editor on some of the most successful titles in the large-format catalogue, including The Magic of Flight, The Living Sea, Stormchasers, Behold Hawaii, Dance of Life, To The Limit, Homeland, The Discoverers, and At Sea, for which he was honored in 1993 with the prestigious Alfred Thayer Mahan Award for Literary Achievement by the Navy League of the United States.

Recently Mr. Lorimore produced and directed MacGillivray Freeman's Neighbors for the Ozark Discovery IMAX® Theater. His wide background in feature films as well as IMAX® gives him a unique perspective from which to bring compelling storytelling and entertainment values to the large-format screen.

Production Manager Kathy Burke-Almon played a critical role as U.S.-based communication liaison and facilitator throughout photography in Nepal. From negotiating cameras and film through customs to keeping in contact with media and with climbers families, Almon was on call 24-hours a day. She has taken on several roles in film development and production at MacGillivray Freeman in her more than ten years with the company. Currently, she is coordinating publicity and marketing for EVEREST.

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