IMAX® Camera Technical and Photographic Consultant Brad Ohlund has contributed to the photographic success of 18 MacGillivray Freeman productions all over the globe. Ohlund has photographed an approaching tornado, the eye of a hurricane, beneath gigantic surf and countless aerials. He recently supervised on-flight photograpy for the United States Navy FA/18 Blue Angels. For EVEREST, he assisted in the photography at Everest Base Camp and for aerial shots throughout Nepal.
EVEREST Base Camp Manager Paula Viesturs is the wife of deputy leader Ed Viesturs. An experienced hiker and climber, she remained at Base Camp, where she provided vital logistical support for the climbers on the mountain.
Production Manager Elizabeth Cohen joined the EVEREST feature during the successful test filming expedition in the spring of 1995. She assisted in organizing the expedition and coordinated production from Base Camp in 1996.

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